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How does divorce differ from dissolution in India?

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In India, a couple can end their marriage in two different ways: by getting a divorce or by getting their marriage dissolved.

A divorce is a legal process that ends a marriage for good. It is a final and permanent solution. They are no longer married, and either one of them can marry someone else. For a couple to get a divorce in India, they have to show that their marriage is over for good. This could be because of cruelty, adultery, abandonment, or both parties agreeing to the divorce.

On the other hand, dissolution is a way for both parties to agree to end a marriage. When a marriage is dissolved, both people agree to end it and file a joint petition with the court. The court will then check the agreement and may order a six-month to one-year waiting period to give the parties time to get along. If no one objects, the court will make an order that the marriage is over.

The main difference between divorce and dissolution is that divorce is based on who did what wrong and dissolution is not. In a divorce, one person has to prove that the marriage can’t be saved, but in a dissolution, both people agree that the marriage should end. Also, the process of getting a divorce is usually more complicated and takes longer than getting a dissolution, which is usually faster and less complicated.

The court can order one party to pay support to the other in a divorce, but there is no provision for support in a dissolution. This is another important difference between the two. Also, in a divorce, the court will divide the property between the two people based on the law, but in a dissolution, the couple can decide how the property will be split.

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In the end, divorce and dissolution may seem like the same thing, but they are actually two different legal processes with their own rules and steps. Divorce is based on who did what wrong, while dissolution is based on who did what right. Both processes have their own pros and cons, so it’s important to talk to a lawyer before making a choice.

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