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Help individuals and couples seeking amicable divorce in India with your expertise. Join our network of lawyers with specialisation in Divorce laws in India. is an information providing website where we provide education regarding divorce laws, process in India. We also share our lawyers directory with users where they can contact lawyers of their choice for consultation.

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At lawnano, we help lawyers get visibility among our user who are seeking legal help regarding divorce in India. Almost 60% of matrimonial cases need lawyer now – users require and seek immediate legal assistance everyday. By registering on lawnano – you possibility of engaging with client increases which helps you professionally

frequently asked questions

Q. What is lawnano?

A. Lawnano is website where we provide information in vernacular languages in vernacular languages to help user learns and understand the divorce law, processes easily. We also provide database of top divorce lawyers in India – where user can connect for consultation

Q. Is lawnano a law firm?

A. No, lawnano is not a law firm, we are an online platform providing information about divorce and database of divorce lawyers in India

Q. Can I promote myself on lawnano?

A. No, we dont promote any lawyer. Our task is to provide database of top lawyers in India, users by themselves contact lawyers as per their choice.

Q. How lawnano works?

A. Its a simple process

  1. User searches and selects the lawyer based on their specific needs such as location, expertise, language of preference or court name
  2. User can contact the lawyer from the lawyer profile page

Q. Why should I sign up with lawnano?

A. Lawyers registered on lawnano are visible to users who are seeking for legal consultation regarding divorce processes. Through lawnano, when a user contacts you – this can lead to formal engagement with the client. 

If you are not registered with us, you will not be visible on our lawyers directory – hence miss out a great opportunity to help users on lawnano

Q. Is this a lawyer referral service?

A. No, lawnano is not a referral service website for any particular lawyer. Users choose which lawyer they can to choose for their legal requirements.

Q. Is there a cost to join lawnano as a lawyer?

A. No, registration on lawnano is free for all lawyers. We have paid subscription plans in which users can directly contact lawyers. Please check our paid plans for more details

Q. Who sets price for each service?

A. The lawyers themselves decide the fee, lawnano is only a platform where we directory of divorce lawyers in India. 

Q. Do I have to commit to a certain length of time for subscription?

A. No, you can opt out of our paid services after completion of the payment cycle you chose. Please contact us for any help.

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