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How can a husband save himself from fake dowry case in India?


If a husband is falsely accused of dowry harassment in India, there are several steps he can take to defend himself:

  1. Gather evidence: The husband should gather evidence to support his case, such as bank statements, receipts, and other documents to prove that no dowry was demanded or received.
  2. File a counter case: The husband can file a counter case against the wife for making false allegations of dowry harassment. However, this should only be done if the husband is confident that he can prove his innocence in court.
  3. Approach the police: The husband can approach the police and file a complaint against his wife for making false allegations. The police will then investigate the matter and take appropriate action based on their findings.
  4. Hire a good lawyer: It is important for the husband to hire a good lawyer who is well-versed in dowry harassment cases. The lawyer will be able to provide legal advice and represent the husband in court.
  5. Maintain records: The husband should maintain records of all communication with his wife and her family, including phone records, text messages, and emails. This will help to establish his innocence in court.
  6. Stay calm: It is important for the husband to stay calm and composed throughout the legal process. Making false allegations of dowry harassment is a serious offense, and the truth will eventually come out in court.
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